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Fantastic 100% genuine Baltic RAW amber teething necklace, very pretty. All authentic 100% Natural Baltic amber, hand made from start to finish.

An amber mix of really gorgeous natural colours, threaded on honey colour cotton, individually knotted in case of breakages. This necklaces have a plastic screw. The raw amber is very effective and has a very difference appearance when compared to the polished necklaces.
Amber works on two levels, firstly amber is a resin, which contains succinic acid,the warmth of the skin on the amber encourages the release of this natural analgesic. This helps to calm the child thus reducing the horrid symptoms of teething. Secondly Amber is electrostatically charged so assists in removing negative energy from the body. Amber has also been know to help with symptoms of asthma and other illnesses.



A guide always remember these 5 safety guide lines 

  • Always use under supervision
  • Always remove the amber when the child is sleeping or unsupervised
  • Inspect the amber regularly for damage or excessive wear and replace under manufacturers  warranty
  • never let a child chew or suck the amber
  • Insure the size fit correctly, not too loose as to come over the chin and not too tight. For more details on sizing check out out sizing information.

Baby Necklace from 32-33 cm ( 0 to 2.50 years old)

Toddler Necklaces from 35 - 36 cm ( 3 to 6 years old)

Amber Sizing
Our basic amber sizing is as follows with suggested ages. Please measure the size you need by using a measuring tape or piece of string and ruler, as size matters.
An amber necklace on a baby should sit comfortably under the chin, it should not be able to reach or be put in the mouth as amber is for wearing not chewing. Bracelets and anklets are available in a variety of sizes, and there can be a huge difference between children's ankles and wrists so please measure. 
Amber necklace too tight
If you feel your necklace is too tight, you may add a bracelet on to the end of the necklace to extend it, please keep in mind that too tight and too loose are not idea so always measure. 
Amber necklace too long
If an amber necklace is too long and can be easily put into the mouth of a small child do not use it. Measure the size you need or use the necklace wrapped twice around an ankle if it fits nicely or were it your self, you might be surprised by the benefits. 
Warranty and Exchange
I you need to swap your unworn item for a different size or have warranty questions please email us at 

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