SLOBBER BEADS | Cognac Amber Round Baby BRACELET


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Genuine Baltic Amber bracelet: natural remedy to help with teething discomfort and pain.

  • Baby Size:13-14 cm Screw clasp so baby cannot pull it off and there is a knot between each bead. If in any case it breaks, only one small bead will fall off.
  • Slobber Beads is a Melbourne based company that imports authentic Baltic Amber which is known for its purported healing properties.
  • Slobber Beads is a 100% natural remedy for babies teething pain and is a great drug free option to help ease the discomfort.

Baltic amber works best by being heated by your skin allowing the release of its natural oils. For this reason we would recommend wearing a necklace where possible to allow the most amount of oil to be absorbed by your skin.

Each amber bead is completely unique. That's what makes it so special. But this also means each of our products shape and colour, may be slightly different to what is pictured.

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